All White

Good Moring, good afternoon, and good night all, I'm coming at ya from Toronto! I caught a 6am flight out of Vancouver yesterday morning so I could be reunited with Mr! I arrived around 1:30pm Toronto time giving us the afternoon to show Tim around Toronto. I though it would be fun to show him my old neighborhood and take around Queen St for some shopping and food!  I made him walk every, about 20mins in and he was already complaining When I was in Toronto I lived around Jarvis and Dundas area so we parked up at the Eaton Centre and we just walked from there ... it wasn't that far but Mr didn't understand why we couldn't just drive My reasoning is, when your in a car driving around the city as appose to walking or taking the subway you just don't get the same vibe, all the smells and sounds and the people that's what makes the city a city! and I love it!

I know wearing all white is pretty risky... specially traveling but I managed to stay clean up until 5pmish and then it was all down hill.... once you get your white dirty just don't care about trying to keep the rest clean


There's something about wearing all one color, it just makes any outfit look grand, when in doubt of what to wear... go monochromatic and look amazing. Just an FYI it also has a very sliming effect to the body which I'm always in favor of lol! It can be hard matching and finding the right shades but it also looks good if you stay within the same color story like all whites and creams looks amazing or various shades of lilac and purple,  basically all one color always looks great !


Photos By: Tim White

Jacket: Asos, Tank: Aritzia, Jeans: Levis, Shoes: Urban Outfitters (similar linked below)

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