I don't know about you guys but when the weather gets good all I want to wear is a dress. Its easy, you look good with minimal effort, the only thing you need to think about is which one to wear !

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, Tim finally came home on Tuesday which was my birthday, and we decided to calibrate it on the weekend, I was so happy we got to spend sometime together before he headed back to Ontario... now I wont see him till next Thursday when I head out there. We went and saw the new Avengers movie, and it was pretty fucking awesome, must must watch! Oh and we also bought a Keurig...lol I had this moment while walking around Costco at 10am in the morning...we are adults...lol...oh and Costco at 10am is still fucking crazy...  What you guys get up to this weekend?

I always love a good pattern in a spring dress "Florals for spring...ground breaking" but who doesn't love a good floral pattern in a spring dress specially if its a vintage floral! I love all lengths in dress, short, mid, maxi ...Ill take them all. I do have a preferred neckline and that's usually V-neck just because it tends to elongate the body, and I have a short torso so this helps me to not look so stout from the waist up lol. Now lets talk fabrics, odiously linen dress are everywhere right now, I have linked a few below but I'm on the fence about the linen dress and that's cause it wrinkles ...and I fucking hate wrinkly clothing, but it is a very breathable fabric and it will keep you cool in the dry heat.  So I guess it comes down to which is more important: staying cool or not having wrinkled clothing? Because I'm crazy I will decide to through on the linen option if I know I wont be sitting throughout the day ... for example at work, I'm on my feet all day...lol

Some of my favorite dresses are linked below! Which ones your favorite !?

Photos By: Tim White and Anna Olmedo

Black Floral dress: Penny's, Red Floral dress: Penny's, Red Dress: H&M, Denim Jacket: Zara, Denim Jacket: H&M Sneakers Fila, White Boots: Zara

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