The Blarney Stone

Well good evening guys, I'm coming to live from my couch on this late Thursdays evening just worked a long day and hit the gym and well now were here! This is my happy place !

On Sunday we thought it would be a good idea to head in to Cork city and do some shopping and see the Blarney Stone. Well because we were late and didn't get are shit together on time we decide to skip the shopping and just hit up the Blarney Stone!


Now for those of you who don't know the Blarney Stone is a block of carboniferous limestone built into the battlements of the Blarney Castle. Legend has it, kissing the stone gives the kisser the gift of the gab! So we walked up to the top of the Castle to hang up side down to kiss the Blarney Stone, its not like I needed to acquire the gift of the gab... some people might even say I talk to but heck we got all the way top the top it seemed silly not to "Not" kiss the Blarney Stone!

The Castle is spectacular, it dates back to 1446 we had so much fun exploring and looking through the Castle, Tim was amazed by the pure size of the building and how it was made he just kept trying to figure out how they built To get to the top you had to climb a very very small spiral stair case and lets just say I fell ...but I'm sure no one is surprised by that, I will say that it was pissing rain so it made everything a little bit silpery ! All in all it was a great day ! 

Photos By: Tim White

Shoes: Fila, Sweater: Aritzia, Jeans: levis, Jacket: Shein (similar linked below)

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