Bantry Bay and Whiddy Island

Good Morning everyone, the photos you are about to see are from the lovely Bantry Bay area of Cork. The weather was on our side during our visit so we decided to hitch a ferry ride to one of the islands that are around the area. We had to decide between visiting Whiddy Island and Garnish Island and we decided to go to Whiddy Island because there was a bar on lets just say it was a unanimous decision to head off to Whiddy Island. 


We arrived in Bantry around 11am, we meet up with my family at there B&B which was nestled right in the middle of the town after chatting and catching up we all headed off to do a walk about around the town and found a place for some pints before we headed over to ferry for our 2pm boarding time.  The Ferry was a cute little boat with a chatty captin who was more then happy to let us take some photos during our ride. The ferry ride was about 20 min long and we and one other family were the only ones that were on the ferry so its was grand. 

Once we docked we explored the island and then decide it was a good idea to hit up the local pub cause we were cold and wanted some beer ! To our surprise the  Captain was also the one opening and running the bar! At 4pm the Captain closed up shop and loaded us on to the ferry and we were off back to the main land to grab some dinner! 

Photos By: Tim White

Shoes: Fila, Sweater: Old (similar linked below) Jeans: Levis, Jacket: Zara

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