Killarney & The Muckross House

Hello hello everyone, its been a minute ... almost a month since my last blog ...but whos counting lol.  Why the absence .. well I was off in Ireland getting married. I had full intentions of blogging while I was there but as life would have it I actually had no time.. I mean no time at all, between the wedding and visiting with family and friends from both sides I wasn't left with much time to sleep let alone work, so I made a decision to enjoy my time with my family and friends and take as many photos as possible so I could blog the experience when I returned home to Vancouver :). Oh and P.S I forgot my camera at home due to all the craziness that happened on the day we left for Ireland ... and I didn't realize this until we were standing in the check baggage line ... which we gad been waiting in for over an hour ....ridicules ... and lets just say I had a bit of a break  So all my photos have been taken with my phone... lol


After the wedding Tims family and my family did some traveling together, we didn't get much quality time in before the wedding cause the week leading up to the wedding was madness and there was so much to do and get done! So we though it would be a good idea to meet in the south of Ireland and hit up a few places together! One of my Favorite places in Ireland is Killarney and the ring of Kerry, anyone whos planning a trip in the near future just and FYI this is a must see!!

We drove a bit of the ring of Kerry so my father and Kiki and Tanner could see it and then headed in to Killarney. My sister and her Fiancé have the cutest little daughter Austen who is my niece and she loves animals, so we thought it would be a good idea to head over to the Muckross house and take a Jaunting tour around the Killarney National Park ! It was just fabulous, all 7 of us loved it and Austen was thrilled cause she got to see the horses and it was a super fun way to see the Killarney National Park and the Muckross house.

After we were done with the tour we headed in to Killarney town to do some shopping, I really wanted to show my sister Pennys, the Pennys that is in Killarney is probably my favorite, its super chill and theres so much stuff in it, you can take your time looking at everything without dealing with all the madness that comes with an over crowded shop which is usually the case with Penneys

Photos by: Tim White

Jacket: Zara, Shirt: Zara, Jeans: Levis, Shoes: Fila

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