A Check Coat and lots of Rain

Good Morning ;) hope everyone is having a fab day! I'm off to a happy start, I managed to get up early to head to the gym before work. Ill probably head back tonight...#weddingready ...lol

I just wanted to quickly touch on a subject that really  bugs me about the gym. WHY don't people clean their machines when there done using them...yuck!! I don't understand how you can walk away from using gym equipment and not clean it after you just excreted your bodily fluids all over it...so gross and rude. I always carry extra wet wipes with me so I feel a little bit cleaner, otherwise I loose focus  when working out and my mind starts to think about everyone's grouse germy germs that are on the machines and that are now on me...yuck yuck yuuuckkk!  Does anyone else think this is gross or am I just awkward.. lol


 Dancing in the Rain

Check print was a massive trend last year, and guess what...its big this year too!! I just cant seem to get enough of it, every time I see a check coat or blazer, skirt or trouser I just immediately want it ..lol but then this little voice pops into my head usually in Mr.'s. tone and says "Do you really need this....?" and I always answer yeessss!!! 

The regular check coats in the grey color were everywhere last year, but what I'm really feeling is the colored check, its fresh and new. You don't have to spend lots on these coats if you head to your local thrift store you'll probably find a few that come in unique colors (specially in the men's section). Then your coat is unique to you! I get so many compliments on my men's check blazers that I paid a whole 6$ for, when I tell them it was thrifted, their always so surprised.

oh and I did another mix and match print combo with this outfit, with another leopard cami but this time its paired with a check jacket!

Ive linked some of my favorite check coats below, I'm really digging the colored and light camel ones, I think its time to add a few new ones to my collection !

P.S: Shot-out to my girl Sade for taking my photos in the poring down rain, your Star !!

Which is your Favorite !!??  I love the camel and the pink one!

Photos By: Sade Thompson

Jacket: Shein (similar linked below), Pants; Thrifted: (similar linked below), Bag: Dollskill (similar linked below) Blouse: Vintage (similar linked below) 

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