Casual Tuesday

Morning Guys! Its 10am here I've been multitasking between the Blog and Wedding throughout the morning and I'm happy to say that we picked a Wedding Song!!! So happy we got that sorted !

I'm still up in the air about the hair and makeup for the wedding, should I get it professionally done or do it myself? Because I'm so unsure I decided to pop in to my local Sephora for some help and I met this lovely lady who helped me pick up a few things for the wedding and gave me some good advice on what to use and do on the day off and the days leading up to the big day ! If I decided to say no to the hair and make-up and to take the DYI route, I think Ill be set!


I love Asymmetric anything.. I think I say that a lot, I guess I love a lot of things when it come to fashion lol! I do love Asymmetric clothing though, when I was in collage that was always my go to for drafting! One of the reason I have such a love Asymmetric clothing is that no oneside is the same, there all different which I find to be quite interesting and exciting ! Over the years I've managed to acquire a few pieces with this structure, primarily in the top and skirt department.

To be honest there wasn't a lot of thought put into this outfit, I started with the skirt and built from that, and cause I was out and about I of course had to through on the Fila's...we've been inseparable since the purchase! I was lucky cause the weather has been so beautiful that I was able to rock this look without stockings and without being crazy cold!

Few more ideas with Asymmetric theme!

Ive linked a few of my favorite Asymmetric skirts!

Photos By: Tim White

Skirt: Zara (similar linked below), T-shirt: Zara, Shoes: Fila, Jacket H&M (similar linked below) 

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