Chatty Thursday

Hey hey wonderful people its a beautiful rainy Thursday afternoon here in Vancouver. I gotta to say this rain has helped me get my ass in gear I was up late last night working and I tend to wake up at the same time no matter what time I head to bed, needless to say I'm a bit tired with 2am end time and 6am start time, its no wonder I was a bit nakered this AM. On the bright side at least I'm usually up early and I get lots of  stuff done...hopefully! 


While I was at work yesterday a lot of people were asking me about the wedding, this is probably cause we leave in 13days so shits starting to get real... but one thing that people kept saying, which I was surprised about was how they thought that I wasn't a "Bridezilla" and that they were  surprised that I was so calm and seemed to be handling the stress of the wedding quite well.... in my mind I was thinking that's because I save my freak outs for and a few selected friends that can handle my To be fair I haven't been too crazy about the wedding, I mean yah I've had some freak outs and BF's about a few things but most of them were about external variables specifically with the guest list and how a few people wont be attending the weeding. Honestly I didn't realize how much this was effecting me and causing a lot of emotional outburst, after some self reflection and wondering why I've been acting so crazy, I kind of realized that its was due to these few people that mean the world to me and whom I love deeply wont be at the wedding. While I was planning wedding I kept telling myself that its was okay that they wont be there, and avoided acknowledging the fact that it was actually tarring me apart inside. It was easier to pretend that everything was fine, when clearly it wasn't. This is because its easier to pretend rather then admitting your unhappy and hurt or have a problem.  When you admit that somethings wrong you then have to dealing with it, instead of keeping it tucked far away on a shelf with the rest of you feelings/problems. Lets just say that's something that I've become quite good at... but at the end of the day it doesn't do yourself any good and it can have a negative effect on you and the people closest to you! 

Long story short its better to deal with your problems and insecurities rather then run from them, eventually they will catch up with you. Admitting that something is wrong and dealing with your problems/issues wont be easy but there will be a light and the end of the tunnel and you'll be able to move forward instead of staying stuck in space full of frustration, anger, hurt, sadness,  and pain.

This wasn't what I planed on writing it just kinda spilled out.. lets just say its been on the brain! Anyone who has a hard time dealing with their problems or feelings, know that you're not alone. We're all just human, living life, making mistakes and learning from them and that's what makes life so special!

Ive linked below some of my favourit leather trousers !

Fancy another look, which is your favorit ??

Photos By: Tim White

Sweater: Aritzia, Shoes: Converse, Jacket: Zara (similar linked below), Pants: H&M (similar linked below)

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