The "UGLY" Sneaker aka Dad Shoes....

Good afternoon beautiful people ! I'm currently in recovery mode from my weekend... It was round 1 of the bachelorette parties, organized by my sister who is my maid of honor and we had a great time. It didn't go as planned and it had a few hick-ups involving external factors but all-in-all it was a grand time! I'm so grateful for all the time and effort my sister put in to planning my bachelorette party, she did an amazing job and I'm so geratful! 


The "UGLY" Sneaker

I'm sure you guys have seen this shoe trend by know,  its everywhere.... you either hate it or you love it! Personally I love this trend, its so much fun to wear and its a fresh new take on the sneaker!! These sneakers literally go with everything, I have a hard time taking them off I love them so much I find any excuse to wear them! 

When I think of the "UGLY" sneaker trend  Vetements and Balenciaga come to mind. I'm pretty sure Vetements was the leader with the Ugly sneaker trend, you all remember the Vetements x Reebok collaboration... cause I do... and to my recollection that was one of the first "UGLY" designer sneakers. Next up is the Balenciaga 3s, these sneakers have been cant scroll through Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube with out seeing at least 1 person sporting these sneakers.

I love that designers have adopted the sneaker into their collections, there is such a large verity of sneakers out there now (good example of the trickle up theory). This has elevated the sneaker and created new competition for sportswear brands to be more innovative with there designs and its opened doors for new collaborations between bands and people.

I know that the designer sneaker tends to be on the price side which is why I'm wearing a FILA Disruptor 11 sneaker instead of Balenciaga sneaker... theirs about 1000$ difference between them. YES I know that FILA is nowhere close to the 3s sneaker but I'm happy with my 65$ Fila sneaker, I get the same effect/uniqueness and I've saved a lot of money !

Few of my favorite "UGLY" sneakers, theres something for everyone!

Still not convinced, have a look this girsl all sporting the "UGLY" Sneaker! 

Photos by: Tim White

Shoes: Fila, Blazer: H&M (similar linked below), Pants: Zara (similar linked below) Earings: Zara

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