Mixing & Matching Prints

Good morning everybody ! Hope you had a lovely Monday! I spent the day blogging and wedding prep! We leave for Ireland in 14 days!!! I'm so excited!! I was trying to see were we could go for our honeymoon...we kinda haven't decided yet... We're in Ireland for 3 weeks so 2 weeks is dedicated specifically for Ireland and the last week we're going to head away somewhere, we just don't know where to go yet ... If anyone has any suggestions please do tell, I can honestly spend hours looking at holidays and still be none the wiser on where to go...lol


Leopard and Pinstripes..

Mixing Patterns is something that I love to do, it adds some unexpected flare to an outfit and who would have thought that leopard and pinstripes worked together. To be fare their kind of on the opposite ends of style wheel... Pin stripes tend to be very structured and formal and leopard has more of fun and playful vibe. 

When mixing patterns theirs a few things you want to keep in mind; 1) The size of the patterns, usually a large print mixed with a small print tends to look the best. 2) Balancing the patterns, you don't want to have all the patterns in one area... it can look to busy (I kinda broke my rule with this outfit..lo) 2) Color choice, being mindful of the colors that your patterns are in, like you might not want to pair 2 primary colors together. they work as solid colors but when you add in a pattern it might be a bit much, but to be fair you don't know till you try!

Those are my 3 rules I tend to keep in mind when mixing patterns together, hope that helped! 


A few of my favorit outfits with mix and match prints and they're follow my 3 rule folmula!

Photos By: Tim White

Pants: Zara (similar linked below), Top: Asos (similar linked below), Jacket: Zara (similar linked below), Shoes: Zara (similar linked below), Bag: Michael Kors

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