Whats in a name ?

Well its been an interesting day here...Wedding jazz kick started the morning and almost took over the whole day. We're getting down to wire with only 4 days till leave for Ireland, I'm telling myself that all this stress and craziness is only natural. I feel like I'm going a bit mental...

Tim's been in Ontario for the last week and half and he doesn't fly back in till the day we fly out...yes that's right, he fly's back into Vancouver on the same day we fly out to Ireland for the wedding  


What's over there?

Since we started planning the wedding a common quest that I've been asked was if I was planning on taking Tim's last name or am I going to be keeping my own....To be honest it wasn't even a thought I just assumed I had to take his last name. After asking all the married people I knew between friends, co-works and some random acquaintances, I stumbled across a few women that decide to NOT change their last name. Now because I'm so nosey I of coursed asked them why they decided to keep their maiden name, and most of them answered cause they could or cause they just wanted too. 

It surprised and excited me at the same time, I didn't really think I had that option of being able to keep my last name. I mean I love my last name, I love the way my last name sounds with my first name, I  just think its a great name lol. Times are changing, when I was a child the only time a women had a different last name from their children or "husband" was when they were divorced or not married. I thought it was really cool that these women decide to keep there maiden name, they had a choice.

Myself I went back and forth about keeping my last name or making a new one, or just hyphenating our last names...which are all viable options, all of which Tim wasn't thrilled about lol. I just wanted to draw out the decision, make him sweat a bit and trust me it did. After all that back and forth I've decided to take his last name,  I just wanted a second to make sure that it was my decision and that it was a decision I was happy with!

And I 'am! 

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I've linked a few of favorite blazers that I lusting over!

Photos By: Sade Thompson

Jeans: Levis, Jacket: Forever21 (similar linked below), Shoes: Fila, Sports Bra: Calvin Kline

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