Cropped Denim

Good evening everyone its 9:30pm and I'm trying to get this post finished asap... I've had the worst luck with my tech today ...its just not wanting to cooperating. This post should have been done 10 hours ago ! 

Wedding update, we still haven't decided on a song for our first dance! We did at least make some progress today, I made Tim listen to a few songs like and vice versa, I'm thinking that its a sleep on it decision. I think we'll both know what song we want in the morning and hopefully its the same one lol! We leave for Ireland in 9 days and we need to let the band know what song we want so they can rehearse it. I'm also "takin the piss" with the wedding decoration, I haven't ordered them yet, same with my shoes and few other mission critical items that I need for the weeding... but I gave my self a deadline... It will be done by Tuesday..! I hope lol


The weather has been so soo good here lately, Ive forgotten what rainy days look like...Its only been sunny for 3 days but it feels like it been for ever, the sun just brings out the best in people. Everyone's happy when the sun comes back from hiding. 

Cropped denim, why not, its just so much better then regular length. I either like super long or super short, regular length is...well just regular!

I did some reaserch and found out where the supposedly new OFF-WHITE store was to be  breaking ground...I think their  delayed for their opening date. The sign says "2017"...maybe they meant

Ive linked a few of my favorite styles in cropped denim below! Ive gotta say I'm parshal to the levis, the price is good and the fit is on point. Ive spent a lot of money on high end denim and I think my favorite is still the levi

Some awesome outfits with cropped denim !

Photos By: Sade Thompson

Jeans: Levis, Shoes: Fila, Jacket: Dollskill (similar linked below), T-shirt: Zara (similar linked below) 

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