Waiting for Friday

Hey Hey beautiful people! I'm coming to you from my coach currently- drinking a cup of coffee while writing this blog! I should probably be at gym right now, but I decide to say fuck it and spend some time with the MR and work on the blog. Ill go tomorrow morning before work, so its okay ...lol

Knowing that I have a hectic week ahead of me, I just kept the day simple and got a lot of planning done and reworked some scheduling issues so I can manage the next few days with a bit more sanity.

I thought this was an appropriate t-shirt for today "Waiting for Friday" aren't we always waiting for Friday? Well in my case Ill be waiting for next Friday...Ill be doing a 9 day stretch at work...FUN with a capital "F".  All good, sometimes you just gotta role with the punches!


Waiting for Friday..

New York Fashion week started!!! I'm so excited for all the shows and to watch all the live feeds through insta and YouTube and see all the legit bloggers street style photos, love love love love Fashion Week!!! One of my favs follow is Song of Style she post daily Vlogs during fashion week and does insider interviews with Designers, Buyers, Editors, Creative Directors ...and so on, yah anyways I'm just super excited- this what I Christmas and it lasts all month long lol!  

Some of my favorite Designers I wont be able to see their collections till London/Milan/Pairs fashion week but never the less I'm still excited for New York Fashion week and I'm impatiently waiting to see all the upcoming shows !!
Whos collection are you most excited to see ????

Just s few photos for some outfit inspirations, all showcasing one of my favorite styles of jackets to wear the "Sherpa Moto"

Whats for Favorite ???

Photos By: Tim White

Jacket: Zara (old) Shoes: Zara, T-shirt: Zara, Sunglasses: H&M, Backpack: Dolls Kill

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