The Exaggerated Shoulder aka the "80s"

Hey hey wonderful people, its come to my attention that one of my favorite new trends has "technically" already been done....  #80's but I will say 2018 has taken it to next levels. I'm sure by know you can figure out what trend I'm talking about! Its one of my favorite styles to wear probably cause its still a bit unique meaning its not over saturated on the high street market and that makes me love it even more! 


So I will proudly say this outfit was inspired by Vetments, well not the hole outfit just the jacket part. Because I didn't want to spend a huge chunk of changes on a Vetments or any other designer Blazer that has the exaggerated shoulder, I decided to hit up my local thrift shop and scour the men's section till I found the perfect blazer! Just an FYI this only cost 6$ instead of 2500$ price tag of say the Vetments or Off-White, or Balenciaga or Celine or the Givenchy blazers that all bare a striking resemblance to this one. I will say that I'm quite pleased with myself, cause they were such a good price I picked up 2!

Just a quick tip: When Styling a jacket/sweater/shirt or Blazer that's in this Y-shape you want to keep the bottom half quiet slim or talord other wise you might end up looking look like a square. Let me know what you guys think-  You digging the jacket as much as me???

Some of my fav outfits all featuring the same/similar exaggerated shoulder! Love, love, love!

Photos By: Tim White

Jacket: Thrifted (similar one linked below), T-shirt: Old (similar one linked below) Skirt: Old (similar one linked below) Shoes: Zara

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