Smart Casual with a Twist

Happy Monday!! Hope everyone had a grand weekend. We just got back from Kamloops I was getting my dress fitted ! I cant believe that its only 52 days till the wedding!!! So crazy!


I was so happy to see the sun out when we arrived back in Vancouver! finally! Its been so dreary with the rain here lately, its definitely nice to see a bit of sun! I decided to capitelize on the good weather and as we were on are way home I made Tim stop and take some photos .. he didn't really want to but I can be quiet persuasive! 


I've been loving green lately specifically this deep forest green I thinks its a nice alternative to the red/navy/black that I tend to wear. I wish I could say I was coordinated enough to have preplanned this get-up but I wasn' I bought these jeans with completely different intentions in mined and then some how this green ensemble  came together quiet nicely. Sometimes the best things are the unplanned things lol. Normally skinny jeans isn't my thing but when I saw these babies on sale for 15$ I had to scoop them up! I gotta say they're far more comfortable to wear in vehicle for extended periods of time vs. the raw denim that I oh so love. On the way down to Kamloops I wore my Levi Wedgie jeans and I just about died sitting in the vehicle with them on for 4 hours ... not a great idea! 

Because I love monochromatic dressing, I think it looks so chic- which is your fave! 

Photos By: Tim White

Jacket: thrifted, Sunglasses: H&M, Jeans: Zara ( similar linked below), T-shirt: Adidas, Backpack: Dollskill

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