Metallic for Ever

Good evening beautiful people! I gust got home from work, ate some dinner and well now I'm working on my blog, oh and FYI Mr. Tim is already in!

its been a busy few days over here, tiring to get a few things sorted before I head out for my bachelorette party on Friday and Tim heads to Ontario for 18 days, I wont see Mr now till we fly out to Ireland for our wedding.... I'm not really sure how I feel about this, I'm kinda trying to view the situation as glass half full .... lol


Metallic, what's not to love about this shinny fabric! I love anything that's classic but done in a unique way, this metallic blazer is a perfect representation of that! Personally I think metallic is somewhat of a "micro trend" because mainstream fashion never fully buys into this trend. Thus meaning metallic items aren't flying off the shelf's in high-street stores, probably cause it can be quite difficult to wear being that its not an everyday item and metallic tends to be for a specific type of person. Now on the bright side because metallic is a "micro trend" it never really goes in and out of fashion, it kinda just sits in the middle..... slow and steady wins the race

This Spring/Summer will probably be one of the biggest seasons for metallic clothing that we've seen in along time! Jackets, pants skirts and everything else in-between will be featured in metallic clothing ranging from every color under the sun, major players for color ways this season will be silver, gold, pink and blue! Now for some, metallic clothing might be to much but that doesn't mean you have to miss out on all the fun! Metallic accessories like belts, bags, jewelry, and shoes are another great way to adopt some lovely metallic vibes in to your life.

Some of my favorite metallic pieces ! Have a gander, all items are linked ! 

Just encase you need a little more inspo :)

Photos By: Tim White

Jacket: Topshop (sold out, similar linked below), Jeans: Topshop: Old (similar linked below), Top: Dollskill (similar linked below) Shoes: Zara (similar linked below)  

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