The Perfect Trench

Good Morning Beautiful people! Hope everyone had a lovely Monday, myself and Tim went to see Black Panther last night and Mr. actually managed to stay awake through the whole movie ...probably cause we went to early bird special... lol

Have you guys seen it, What did you think??

Tim and I loved it! 


The "Perfect Trench" I'm not so sure there is such a thing but I do love that the trench has been reinvented and has taken on an oh so slightly cool vibe. The Trench Coat use to be very proper and ridged, it served as a rain coat for army officers and was adapted for use in the First World War. Traditionally trench coats were made out of gabardine fabric in a khaki color, double breasted with 10 front buttons featuring wide lapels, a storm flap, pockets that buttoned closed, as well as having straps around the wrists that also buckled (to keep the water from running down the forearm when using binoculars.)  Every button and every strap served a purpose on the trench coat it was for functionality rather then fashion, now a days I would say fashion comes first and functionality comes second, well for me it does anyway.

When you here the word Trench Coat what usually pops into your mind is the brand Burberry, That's probably cause Thomas Burberry  along with Aquascutum were the ones who invented the trench coat. Thomas Burberry invented the gabardine fabric in 1879  and submitted a design for the army officers raincoat to the United Kingdom War office in 1901. Which is why the trench coat is such an iconic piece for the Burberry brand, the trench coat is what catapulted Burberry in to one of the largest luxury clothing brands known today.

I love statement jackets which is what I think the Trench Coat is and with all the fresh new takes on the Trench Coat its hard not to love them and have multiple styles in different colors and lengths. Personally I like to look for unique features when shopping for a Trench Coat. The one I'm wearing has exaggerated sleeves with oversized buttons and belt with block text on it, and if that wasn't enough I had to be super extra and add a faux fur stole It just adds a little something extra to a common item!

Some of my favourite outfits featuring the Trench coat!

Photos By: Tim White

Shoes: Zara, Body: Aritzia (old, similar linked below), Jeans: Levi's, Jacket: Shein (sold out, similar linked below), Bag: Zara, Fur Stole: Zara

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