lilac and pastel pink

Happy Monday Morning to all! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!! I worked most of it but I still had a grand time! I mentioned this on Friday but we got hit with a crazy snow storm, well not like super crazy but crazy for Vancouver. Personally I'm not really phased by the snow or the so called "Cold" weather, this is probably cause I've lived in Toronto and Calgary and have spent many winters in "true cold" climates. I think we're  pretty lucky here in Vancouver cause it was 2 degrees on Sunday with sunny blue sky's that melted away almost all of the snow!


Its funny if you'd met me 4 years ago you probably thought I only wore black, now everyone thinks I only wear color... its funny how your style can change and evolve over the years. I think I like wearing color so much cause so many people in my city wear neutrals and me being me I sometimes want to go against the herd and do something different, to be fare its not that different cause its still just a hoodie and jeans.

Now keeping true to my values and my love for sweat fleece of course I had to pick up this lilac hoodie when I saw it in the shop, and of course I had to wear it with a blazer lol! I think my 5 most worn items are Hoodies, Graphic Tees, Blazers, Denim Jackets and Ankle Boots, love love love these items. I have an over abundance of them in my closets. 

It was pretty funny when we were taking these photos downtown people were passing by in balaclavas, snow boots and Canada Goose jackets and here I am outside wearing NO jacket with tiny little ankle boots on in somewhat spring clothing...people kept asking us If I was cold.. reply was "NO, but aren't you worm...its 2 degrees out and your dressed for -30 weather." They eventually pissed off and let us do are thing lol. People are funny, they thought I was crazy and I thought they were ridicules lol

Some pastel action to inspire

Photos By: Tim White

Blazer: H&M (sold out, similar linked below), Sweater: Urban Outfitters (sold out, similar linked below) Jeans: Levis, Shoes: Zara

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