That 70's Outfit

Hey hey guys!! hope everyone is enjoying their Friday night! We just got home from having a few pints in the local pub and now I'm sitting on my couch trying to get this post up. P.S, Mr. is already asleep, I would probably be sleeping too but I need to get a few things sorted before I head to bed!

Fridays tend to be a bit of a write off for us, we don't usually get up to anything to crazy, I'm usually working late and Mr. tends to be quite tired after working a crazy work week. Saturday and Sunday is when the real fun staff wedding planning and more work


Vancouver was hit with a crazy snow storm... and Vancouver and snow don't mix well.... diving home from work was a bit of a balls! With the weathering being so horrible we had to retreat to the parking garage for I'm definitely getting 70's vibes from this outfit, I feel like I should be in that 70's show, I'm not sure about you guys but I loved that T.V series ! Did anyone else have a mini crush on Hyde I definitely did... I loved that he kinda had bad guy vibe to him, and  then he turned good guy when he started dating Jackie ...,

To be honest there want much planning involved with this get-up, I just through shit on in the am cause I had an early 7am start meaning I was up at 5am main focus was to get out of the house on time so I wasn't late for work ! 

faux fur coat inspo!

Phots By; Tim White

Pants: Zara (old, similar linked below), Jacket: h&m (old, similar linked below), Shoes: Zara, Shirt: Asos (old, similar linked below), Bag: Dollskill

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