Leopard x Adidas

Good morning beautiful people ! Just about to head to work, I had a busy morning running around trying to get some things done for the wedding and work! Some how fit in a min gym session... I was putting it off all morning and then I tried on a pair of jeans that use to fit and realised there just about on the way to not fitting...I thought to myself I better get my ass to gym and put away the Nutella Jar I smashed in the early am ...yes that's right I ate a whole jar of Nutella....not my proudest moment! 


I'm loving this yellow Adidas t-shirt !!! Originally had it paired with a grey coat and a white bomber but I thought it looked to "PC" for me so I switched it out for this leopard coat, I thought it added a nice twist !

Some of my favorite colors for spring/summer include yellow, orange, pink, lilac purple, cream and white, beige, green, and brown all in various shades! I know that's a lot but when every I see something in those colors I'm instantly drawn to it, and that's not even including the pattern section ... lol. Lets just say I'm super excited for this season!! 

What are some of your favorit colors or patterns for this spring/summer season?? Id love to know!

Love love love leopard jackets, I currently have 3 in my wardrobe .. all in various colors and textures ! So I thought Id share some examples of  kick as outfits all featuring leopard coats!

Photos By: Tim White

Jacket: Topshop (similar linked Below) Top: Adidas, Shoes: Zara, Jeans: Levis , Bag: Dollskill, Hat: H&M (old)

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