The day After

Hey hey guys, its the day after Valentines day ! hope everyone had a lovely day celebrating! Me and MR went for a casual dinner eat a lot of bad food including but not limited to pints, nachos and wings and then we headed on to the pictures. all in all it was a grand night !


The movie we went to see was Maze Runner, it wasn't to bad I will say it was funny to watch Mr fall in and out of sleep during the movie... it was past his bed time. I kept waking him up to asking him if he wanted to leave, he said no....of course lol. Ill give him credit he made it through the movie and caught a few of the important parts, its safe to say he liked the movie too!

The next few days are going to be a bit crazy with work and some wedding things we have to get sorted this week and then its back over to Kamloops for part 2 of the dress fitting on Saturday, fingers crossed it all goes well! I'm having a super hard time committing to the bridesmaid dresses... I just cant seem to find one I like or decide on a style .. and its something that I kinda need to figure out and make a decision on quickly cause the wedding is only 38 days away....and I take a very long time to make a decision ....apparently lol.

Lately Ivee been wearing this sweater no stop !! So here's some more inspiration featuring the "White Sweater"

Photos By: Tim White

Jeans: Old (similar linked below) Sweater: Zara, Bag: DollsKill, Boots: Zara, 

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