My Top 4 Lipstick Colors for the Holiday Season


Good morning guys, and happy Wednesday! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend , I was down in Kamloops again for the birth of my nephew, I’m so happy to say my sister finally had her baby and he’s the cutest little boy every!! Needless to say that's why I missed the Monday blog, sorry guys!

Now I haven't been dressing super festive and when I say that I mean it in the literal sense, but I do and I have been elevating all my looks with lots of jewelry and accessories and also with my make-up specifically my favorite, a bold lip stick! I will probably start wearing my sequins through this weekend and in to next

Some of my favorite lipstick colors for the holidays is of course the traditional Red, as well as Plume, Raspberry, and Pink!

When picking out and wearing a bold lipstick, there are a few things you want to look out for, 1 make sure its a shade that matches your skin tone, cause their are cool and warm tones in all colors, 2nd make sure its not to dry, I prefer a cream formula, and 3rd use lipliner, this will help get an even and precise outline of the lips and 4th a lip primer is always good too but its not as necessary as the others!

I love to get new make-up for the holidays and having some fun with creating new looks!

Happy Holidays Guys, have a great Wednesday!



Photos By: Tim White

Coat: Aritzia, Blazer: Vintage, Pant: Vintage, Boots: Zara, Bag: Vintage

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