Back to Basics: 6 Black Items you should have in your Wordrobe


On Mondays We Wear Black ….

Well Folks another Monday is here, I’m off today which make me very happy, its nice to be off and not have to be in a rush to get things done, I mean I do have a list of things to accomplish but its things that I want to do and get done and not what someone needs me to get done!

How was everyone’s weekend, I’m sure it was busy filled with Christmas events and party’s and Christmas shopping, its only 2 more weeks till Christmas is here…its madness

For some reason I’ve been reverting back to my old ways and loving the all black outfits, I’ve just been wanting to be a bit edgy and different… different from my usual self. So I thought I would round up a few of the must have black items that every girl needs in her wardrobe!

1) The Black Dress; everyone needs to have a black dress tucked away in their closet, you have a last minute event, this dress will save your ass!

2) Black Blazer; If you don't already have this item in your wardrobe I suggest on making an emergency trip to the shop to pick one up cause it is a major essential! You can do some much with this item, wear to a meeting, or go casual and layer with a hoodie, it has the ability to elevate even the most causal outfit and add some unexpected flare.

3) Black Leather Pants; I know not everyone will be on board with this item, but honestly it is another essential for me, I wear my leather trousers with almost everything, and I love it cause its different from the traditional black skinny jean, or black trouser

4) Black T-shirt; Up until this year, I never really saw the point of the black t-shirt, I always thought it was to basic for me but sense buying mine I’ve been obsessed, it looks great with denim on a causal day or it can look cool and polished with a blazer and trouser!

5) Black Boots; I feel like this item is a bit like dah… but some people don't have a nice pair of black boots, I will invest and spend more on my black boots then I will on a trend style, cause I know I will wear them almost everyday and they honestly look great with everything.

6) Black Hoodie; Again this is an item that I grow more and more obsessed with everyday, I could probably wear a hoodie everyday of the week for any occasion but it would drive Tim cracked… lol. You could wear your black hoodie over your black dress layered with your black blazer and you will look awesome, or wear you black hoodie with your leather trousers… the hoodie definitely works with everything!

Hope everyone had a lovely Monday!



Belt: Topshop, Pants: H&M, Blazer: Vintage, Bag: Vintage, Turtleneck: Zara

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