The Best Stripes are Zebra Stripes


The “Posh” Animal Print

Good morning guys, saying hello on this Monday morning from my kitchen as I’m madly typing up my post, so I can franticly leave for work. For some reason on this Monday morning I’m not feeling very rested, not rested at all, and I have this looming thought in my head of “How am I going to make it through the next 5 days if I already feel this tired?” The answer is lots of coffee and hopefully an early bed time! I probably feel tired and worn out cause I’m still quite sick, so I’m chopping it to that!

Stripes or more specifically Zebra Stripes is the new “new” animal print for this season, we’ve already got Leopard and Snake so why not Zebra? What I like about Zebra is that it looks quite posh when done in a tailored silhouette or it can add some nice pizzazz if done in accessories like a bag, or shoe, or belt, just a fun element of the unexpected and I love the unexpected!

You may think that Zebra print needs to be black and white and well that’s just not the case, I say go made and get zebra print in color, and texture, have a hay day!

Happy Monday guys!

Have a great day!



Photos By: Tim White

Shirt: Zara, Shoes: Forever21, Jacket: Pennys (similar linked below), Denim: Old (similar linked below) Bag: Vintage

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