4 leopard pieces you need in your wordrobe


Good Morning! Happy Monday to all!! I’m relieved and excited to say that I made through my Black Friday week, yes it was a whole week for me +1 day, cyber Monday is the last remaining day of Black Friday sale week!

I didn't do any shopping this week cause I was just to exhausted from working, that to even think about scrolling through online sites or popping in to shops to see what was on sale was just such a daunting task that I had no energy for.

Did you guys buy anything form all the sales that were on through the week, did you find any good deals ?

Leopard mania, why the F not, Tim thought I was crazy walking around like this but I didn't care, sometimes you just want to be different! Now because I love leopard so much I thought I’d do another blog post on my fav leopard pieces!

Blazer- In my mind I think a leopard blazer is essential to your wardrobe its something so simple to throw on with a t-shirt a jeans and looks super chic!

Shoes- Leopard shoes is mission critical, if you only invest in 1 piece of leopard clothing I would say make it shoes cause its the less intrusive of the all the items but still adds some fun to your outfit, and it looks great with denim, skirts, trousers and so on

Coat- I have 3 leopard coats cause 1 just isn't enough…lol I just love the contrast it adds to a look, and it can be worn all day everyday as your primary coat if you’d like cause leopard really does go with anything!

Bag- I actually only have 1 leopard bag, the one I’m wearing in the photos, but I would really love a tote, for the simple reason that its cheap and it fits lots and lots of stuff!

I know not everyone will love leopard as much as me and that's okay, but I hope this post gave you some ideas and maybe you’ll be more inclined to a leopard piece to your wardrobe and mix it up a bit!

Have a great Monday guys!!



Photos By: Tim White

Shoes: Vintage (similar linked below), Fanny Pack: Dollskill (similar linked below) Skirt: Zara, Coat: Topshop (similar linked below), Top: Vintage

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