Wool Coats For Fall/Winter


Good morning !! Happy Wednesday too all, I’m off today! I’ve got a few things I need to do like unpack from my trip to Kamloops…lol I still haven't fully finished the process.. I really dislike unpacking…lol

Today which should be a day of rest cause I’ve already managed to accumulate 30 hours of work in the last 2 day and I still have 3 more work days to go, but old habits die hard and I’m going to be working on my day of rest, it tis the season!

its like all of a sudden it became coat season, well I’m sure its been coat season for at least a month or maybe 2 for some of you, but for us here in Vancouver its only recently became cold enough for big worm woolly coats and winter accessories, I must say we’re a bit sheltered when it comes to weather and for that I’m extremely grateful!

This season one of my favorite coats outside of the puffer is the wool coat, its probably cause of its 80’s inspired silhouette. The '“longer the better” theory has been applied to the wool coat this year along with, exaggerated lapels and shoulders, and an oversized fit, which just checks off all my boxes in the coat department!

And don't worry my petit friends, you can wear this style too! The trick is to go big or go home, you just got to own it and all will look good, if the coat is just skimming the ground it is a-okay, truth be told I’m a little jealous cause I cant get a coat that long …lol

Have a great day guys!!

Happy Wednesday !



Photos By: Tim White

Coat: Aritzia, Sweater: Aritzia, Shoes: Fila, Jeans: Vintage, Bag: Vintage

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