Fall Boot Trends


Good Morning everyone! Today marks the start of the Black 5day super sales events at like almost all retailors which means its going to be a bit of a hectic week for me! On the weekend I went to Kamloops to celebrate my sisters 30th birthday and it was a blast, she couldn't get to crazy as she is currently pregnant and is about to give birth in like 2 weeks so she couldn't get into to many shenanigans…lol, but none the less we had a blast! All in all the weekend was great and it was nice to be off for 3 days the norm is usually 1, so I’m feeling pretty rested !

Fall boot trends that I’m currently loving… well I’m sure you guys can guess a few that I will be on this list, #1 Cowboy Boots, #2 Under the Knee Boot, #3 The Calf Boot, #4 Square Toe Boot, #5 The Hiker Boot #6 The Good old Ankle Boot.

I’m currently on the hunt for a good hiker boot that I can wear day to day and my collection for fall will be complete other then just adding in a few different colors and patterns!

#1 The Cowboy Boot, well I think its only natural to love this new style of boot that's made it into mainstream fashion, one its not the usually which is why I love it and 2 it looks fabulous with everything!

#2 Under the Knee Boot, personally I think these are easier to wear then over the knee boots cause if you are wearing them with a pant I think they look better and its a nice node to the 70s and they look fabulous with dresses and long skirts!

#3 The Calf Boot, I started investing in this style last year cause I think they look awesome with some loos fit denim tucked into them!

#4 The Hiker, the great outdoors creeping into fashion and I love it, its a nice twist to the lace up boots and who doesn't love a chunky heel in winter specially in the snow! The hiker boot looks great with denim, dresses and anything cropped!

$5 The Square Toe, again another one of my favorites, I just love that's its a bit unique and can make a huge difference in an outfit, it has the ability to elevate a basic look! Again you can wear this with anything,all you could do a square toe in a boot, ankle boot, heels, and flats!

#6 The Ankle Boot, I had to put in the ankle boot cause well its a staple that everyone needs, you always need a good black bootie in your shoe collections!

Let me know which is your favorite! Happy Monday guys, have a great day!



Photos By: Tim White

Dress: Zara, Hat: Asos, Boots: Zara, Coat: Vintage

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