The Aviator Jacket


Good morning guys how’s everyone doing on this lovely Wednesday ?? As per usually I’m getting ready to head to work, this morning for some reason I just couldn't get out of bed, all I wanted to do was sleep… I did eventually get up but it was an hour late…lol sometimes you just need to sleep!

The Aviator Jacket has made a come back this season and I’m onboard, I love the look and I love that it comes in so many sizes and fabrics! Personally I think an aviator jacket isn't an aviator jacket without Sherpa, make sure your aviator jacket has Sherpa! You can do denim but most styles will come in leather and most styles should be on the shorter side or cropped and you can do double breasted or single, they are both great!

I’ve linked a few styles, all of them are in the moderate side of the price point, these jackets can get very expensive if you go with the leather options, I found one from ACNE and Balenciaga that I love but cant bring myself to spend that much money on a jacket, but because I love so much I thought I’d link them anyway!

Have a great day guys!



Photos By: Tim White

Jeans: Zara, Coat: Dollskill, Shoes: Zara, Bag: Dollskill

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