The Longer The Better


Dancing in the Rain

Good morning Guys, how’s everyone doing on this lovely Thursday!!?? For some strange reason the weather has been extra spectacular, not a drop of rain in site and I’m loving it! I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving and long weekend!

Normally I’m all about the mini skirts, but lately I’ve been loving the longer silhouette, partly cause you don't have to worry about anything poppin out or being conservative when you need to bend over or sit down and you don't need to wear stockings which I love, I don't mind stockings but I have a tendency to always rip mine!

The Tea-Length skirts come in various styles and shapes, you could go with a full-body like mine or keep it nice and tailored or add some pleating to it! The point is that these skirts are fun and not stuffy which is what my opinion of them was “stuffy and old” Sometimes you just have to change your outlook!

There are numerous ways to wear these long skirts, you could keep it professional and rock a tailored blouse with it or go back in time to the 70’s and pair it with a roll-neck or funk it up a bit a go with a graphic-tee, there’s so many options, this skirt is not one dimensional, I would say this skirt is a must have staple for your fall wardrobe !

Have a great day Guys!!



Photos By: Tim White

Boots: Forecer21, Skirt: Aritzia, Top: Aritzia, Bag: Zara, Bomber: Asos Mens

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