new beginnings

This is the first post of the new year! 2018 lol


2018 has got some big plans for everyone....I hope anyways lol. 1st up is the wedding, we are getting married in 79 days ... which is super crazy! We definitely didnt realize how close it was to our wedding date until we got through Christmas, and then we both had this holly shit moment and were like um... hey..... we're getting married in like 2 kinda crazy....

Other then getting married I've got a few projects that will be coming up for 2018. I started working on them throughout 2017, so I'm happy to say that they will be ready to share in the later half of this year!  I think I'm excited for 2018,  I'm excited to see what will happen, what we'll do, and how we'll grow in this new year. The start of the year is always full of possibilitys and optimism, most people feel like its an opportunity to kinda reboot and get a fresh start, learn from past mistakes and gain on past achievements. We or "I" tend to focus on the things that we want to change and areas that we want to improve upon, verses the things that we've achieved and areas that we've excelled in. I think self reflection is important, but we need to take a second and remember all the awesome things that we've had the opportunity to do, and to not just focus on the mistakes we've made or things we haven't done. Take a second and just appreciate all that you've accomplished!

One of my goals this year is to just get out side my comfort zone, think out side the box and stop worry about all the unnecessary shit and focus on the bigger picture. Its so easy to get wrapped up in things that don't really matter, I want to be smart with my time and invest in areas that will help me be a healthier and happier person. This could be achieved in the simplest of things, from reading a book once a month (instead of spending all my time on Instagram and youtube lol), to going to the gym, maybe taking a class, learning how to spell properly or just exploring different things like new foods, art, and culture, and saying yes instead of saying no!

What else is on the agenda for 2018...? Well I do have a few more career and life goals for this new year, while still focussing on what I outlinde in the above paragraph. Realizing that your happiness starts with you and no one else is something that I learnt in 2017 and is something that I will continue to work on throughout 2018! Whats you news reasolution or your goals for 2018 ?

Photos By: Tim White

Shoes: Zara, Jacket & leggings: Adidas, Backpack: Dollskill, T-shirt: Dollskill

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