Shades of Gray

Good Morning, afternoon and evening depending on what time zone your in! Its a lovely sunny morning here in Vancouver. The storm we had over the weekend has now passed! All is better!  


What did I get up to over the weekend....? Well I worked all weekend as-per my current usual, but it was grand as I was able to get a lot completed with work and the blog, I was very productive with my time! I've recently been working on a new format for the Blog, I'm just not really happy with the one that I'm currently using. I feel like its a bit flat, uninteresting and its very limiting. I want to be able to share more and upload different forms of media, with this new format I will now be able to do that! I hope you guys like it, and please any feed back you have let me know, Id love to see what you guys think of the new format!


When I'm deciding on what to wear for the day, generally I start with a color or I specific article and build around that. I really wanted to keep it light and fresh and what kick started this color storey/theme was the jacket. I've been doing some reorganizing of my closets and came across this coat that I completely forgot about. I thought it deserved a wear, so I pulled it out of my closet, dusted it off, and this outfit was born lol. 

One way to be successful with creating light color way with you outfit is to know the difference between warm and cool tones - you generally want to stick with one or the other,  they "generally" don't mix well but rules are meant to be broken! If you've had success mixing warm and cool tones/color please share!

Few photos for further inspiration- shades of grey and white.

Photos By: Tim white

Jacket: Old(similar linked below), Shoes: Zara, Jeans: Old (similar linked below), T-shirt: Tim's (similar linked below), 

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