Sport Luxe Wear

Hey hey hey its Wednesday my beautiful people, Topic of discussion is "Sport Luxe Wear"


Personally I love the "Sports Luxe Wear" this trend has definitely been around for while, and I think its going to be come a fashion, the only thing that changes is what sports wear brand is considered hot at the minute! The reason why I love the "Sports Luxe Wear" trend is it allows you to be comfy while still looking super awesome and edgy and cool and pretty and glamorous .... lol I could go on and on but I think its safe to say you guys get the point lol!  

The cool thing about this trend is that almost everyone can wear it! The chances of you having some sportswear lying around the house that you can mix in with your "regular clothing" is quite high! I bought this puma sweater ages ago, it doubels as a Gym Sweater, PJ's and now as everyday wear (don't you just love multi purpose items). Some of my fav sports wear brands to wear is Adidas, Fila, Puma, Nike, Reebok and so on, what I think is so amazing and crazy is how much this "Sports Luxe Wear" trend has impacted and influenced the runway fashion. Designers from Balenciaga, Stella McCartney, Vetements, Off-White, and many more have actually incorporated sportswear trends in to their collections witch just elevates this trend to next level!

Its kinda funny I spend more money on gym wear now then I ever have and about 95% of these items never see the gym lol.  On a side note, generally I look like a beast at the gym... I assure you its not a good look but I'm not there to look good.... so I guess it works. Whats your fav sports wear brand that you like to wear on the regular?

Some phots for further inspiration! Fashion should fun!

Photos By: Tim White

Skirt: Zara (old, similar one linked below) Bag: Dollskill, Shoes: Dollskill, Belt: forever21 (old, similar one linked below)

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