"case of the Mondays"

Well folks, we survived Monday!

Every time Monday rolls around and I'm driving to work, usually stuck in traffic.... I hear this little voice inside my head say, "Looks like you have a case of the Mondays." Every time I hear this it makes me laugh, and suddenly my road rage subsides and I can continue on with journey of never ending bumper to bumper traffic lol.

Wondering what that quote is from??? For those of you who thought Office Space, you are right! I love this movie its a definite must watch !


I'm heading up to Kamloops tomorrow...one last desperate attempt to piece together a wedding dress..lol. I'm really hoping I get this sorted this week, so I can cross the Wedding Dress of the "to do list" and just chill through the holidays!  This is kind of a last minute trip in the sense that I decided to go on Saturday and I worked all weekend, so I need to get my shit together and get organized tonight before I head up there lol! Fingers crossed the roads will be decent, driving the Coquihalla is risky business in the winter... you never know what your going to get with weather and road conditions!

Lately its been hard to take photos. We've had a bit of a bad spell with the weather here. Its either pissing rain or extreme fog to the point were you cant see 3 feet in front of ya. Its benign to make it quite impossible to find places to shot. So these current phots are coming to live from our parking garage ... lol.  I'm actually kind of excited to head to Kamloops because I know I wont be plagued with either weather conditions lol

I do this thing were I tend to layer jackets, over jackets ,so I don't actually have to wear a coat ... I think Im coat allergic lol, due to spending so many years in Alberta with the extreme cold, I'm like "No... I don't need a coat.. Ill be grand, its not actually that cold out" lol. This outfit is the product of that theory lol! I do have coats, but if I'm in and out of stores Id rather just be in a jacket lol, so I don't overheat. 

 I picked this Kimono up from Bon Voyage Vintage in Seattle, its real silk and only cost 20$, I thought it was a pretty good deal! All of the items I'm wearing are quite old with the exception of the bag and shoes so I linked similar ones below!

Photos By: Tim White

Jeans: Zara, Shirt: Forever21 (very old) , Shoes: Forever21, Kimono: Bon Voyage Vintage

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