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7 more days till Christmas I'm no closer to being ready ... still no tree up! I was thinking...maybe we'll adopt the tradition of decorating and putting the tree on Christmas eve... Ive seen it done on the movies, I think some  people do this and it seams to work, so whats a few more lol

Today I thought Id head out and brave the crowds and try and get some Christmas shopping done. I only managed to shop for my niece and then I had to hard stop my Christmas shopping at 3pm for 2 reason; 1) I couldn't take the long lines and somewhat crazy people any longer, 2) I had to head over to ICBC. to pay my a fine.... Once I arrived at ICBC I had to wait in line for about an hour in hopes of trying to pay my hefty fine I received back in November ..  I'm not going to disclose the reason for the fine but I will say that its not my fault lol. Once I got up to the front counter and pleaded my case to the gentleman that was there, to my surprise I actually received good news and I didn't have to pay the ticket, so all is good in the motor vehicle practice lol

Tim comes home in 3 days !! I'm super excited, I miss him dearly and I need him to get back on picture taking duty...lol. Turns out I'm not so good at the DIY photos. last night I spent 3 hours tryin to take one photo and it looked horrible lol. Oh and since he's been gone all I've eaten is salami, chess and beer,....I didn't feel like going to the grocery store and I'm not a huge fan of cooking so I tend to just rummage around in the fridge till I find something edible to eat and that's what I found lol,  this is what happens when I'm alone, some people think this is weird but I'm not bothered by it. Even when I lived on my own and my girlfriends would come stay with me and they'd bring their own food, I was always too busy buy fashion magazines and clothing to hit up the grocery store lol.

I never got around to posting these but this was taking last week while I was in Kamloops. The drive is so beautiful I tried to capture some photos of the journey, but it kinda  hard to drive and take photos at the same time...lol. 


Photos By: Gena Bhackman

Jacket: Dolls Kill, Belt: Aritzia, Fur Scarf: Zara, Jeans: Citizens of Humanity, T-shirt: Hot Topic

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