I said Yes

Its Thursday night I just came back from Kamloops and I have great news! I found a wedding dress!!!

So excited and kinda stressed out ... once I said yes to the dress I felt relieved and then all of a sudden panic came over me and I felt like I couldn't breath. I thought to my self... I just spent a lot of money did I make the right choice .... was this dress good enough, will I look good in it, will people like it... all these question kept swirling around in my brain all night long. Even all last night I nervously kept checking my phone, referencing the photo I had  of the dress to ones on Pintrest to help reassure myself that I made the right decision, like I some how needed further convincing  ...Wedding dresses are expensive so you want to make sure you get it right, or well at least I do lol




Today I'm feeling much better about my choice , I slept on it and I thinks its safe to say I made a good decision. Because  I'm one of those over thinkers paired with a very critical nature, I tend to hold on to things to tight and rethink and over analysis them. I'm moving past it, I very happy with my choice, and as long as I keep saying that, I will believe it lol. Oh gosh, I sound crazy, I should be happy that this is problem there's far worse things out there to worry about and lose sleep over, and if this is my biggest problem right now, I should count my blessings.

Now that I have the dress I can start focusing on bigger things like the bridesmaid dress, and all those other little details that make a wedding a "wedding" lol. I have never actually been to a wedding so I got some research to do, I'm not really sure how the wedding works or how everything goes down on the day of, but we'll figure it out! I keep asking lost of questions and everyone has been such a great help, I can honestly say their wouldn't be a weeding if it wasn't for the help of Tim's parents and my family. This wedding would be MIA if it was left in the hands of myself and Tim lol!

Photos By: Tim White

Shoes: Zara, Fur Scarf: Zara, Jacket: Penny's (linked similar below), Bag: Dolls Kill, Dress: H&M (old)

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