Pulp Fiction

Well the weekend is over... who ever thought 2 days off a week, was enough time to rest and rest form a full weeks worth of work?! Out of 365 days a year we are only off 104 days... give'er take a few with vacations and the occasional long weekend, but that's it. I for one think 2 days is almost never enough lol!

Pulp Fiction its just about one the greatest movies ever made, personally, I'm a sucker for anything written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. While I was scrolling through one of my favorite online shops, I saw this t-shirt and it had to be mine!

"Fuck pride. Pride only hurts, it never helps"-

"Where's Zed?" -  "Zed's dead, baby"



This weekend was jam packed with work, I was working  Saturday/Sunday , and they were  long days with an extra layer of personal work added on top, this weekend was a bit nutty. No sweat, the holidays are just around the corner and for the first time in ten years I will be home to see my family for Christmas!! I couldn't be happier! But before all the fun starts there's just a bit more madness I have to endure, which is totally okay, I cant complain cause like I said I'm off for the holidays !

Mr Tim is leaving on jet plain and wont be back till Christmas, so if we cant get some of the major stuff done tomorrow after work, that will leave me to get all the Christmas stuff sorted. We haven't even put up the tree yet or bought our poinsettia or advent calendars, which are one of my fav things for Christmas (even though I cant make it to the 25th with out eating all the treats inside the little doors lol).

Christmas just snuck up early this year or maybe I've just been to focused on work and the wedding, and I kinda forgot about Christmas or I was just in denial about how close it actually is to Christmas ... lol. Is any one else behind on the Christmas décor and gift shopping? Cause I definitely am !

On the bright side I know what I'm getting every one I just need to order it and express ship it lol and hopefully it will arrive on time otherwise I will need a plan "B" lol.

So its not to bad, it could be worse ..lol



Phots By: Tim White

Shirt: Dolls Kill, Jacket: H&M, Shoes: Zara

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