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"Sunday Funday" I'm not sure what you guys are up to, but I'm heading to work this will be grand right? ...LOL! 


chillin in my stairwell ...

Defs not

Check is everywhere right now, you cant pass a store front or brows an online store without seeing checkered featured....!

I opted for this suit version, that I picked up from Shein. Again this was quite inexpensive....I'm pretty sure my shoes cost more lol.

Anyway with so many options out there how do you decide which piece you want to invest in and which you'd rather save your money on??? My rule is I don't invest in trends but the good news is that checkered isn't a trend... I mean yah sure its "trendy" right now, but it's been around for along time and it wont be going anywhere anytime soon! So my advise is, if you don't already own a piece of check fashion then sky's the limit. You can pick anything you want and work it into your current wardrobe and probably be able to wear it for years! I would start with a jacket (which is currently all the rage right now), or  dress-shirt or even a nice midi-skirt, and then build from there- I promis you, you wont be disappointed!

One of my favorite features about check, is that it has the ability to be as formal and ridged as you want or as laid back and cool as you can imagine! From office, to a casual day out, or if your  hitting up the streets for a night out, check has got you covered- its suitable for all age brackets !

I paired my suite with a graphic body, a pair of converse and a waist belt aka "fanny pack" lol. But if this isn't your jam you could totally work in a pair of heels/ankle boots and a nice         dress-shirt or wear either piece on its own. Honestly its what ever floats your boat!

Photos  By: Tim White

Shoes: Converse, Pants: Shein, Blazer: Shein, Body: Forever21 (old) Belt: Shein

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