2MONTHs .....

After looking though my calendar this morning to get some stuff sorted for work and the wedding I realized that I have officially been blogging for 2 months! I know 2 months is not huge to the outside world but for me its quite big! 2 months ago I would have never taken photos and posted on them on a platform for everyone to see, 2 months ago I wouldn't have thought about sharing parts of my life with people I knew or didn't know, so yah for me its kind of a big deal.

it signifies a change and for that I'm happy.


I've been thinking and analyzing my current situation with the blog/social media and deciding what kind of direction I want to go with it. Do I want to just be a hobby or would I like to see if it could be more then that. Some people might be thinking ...like wow slow down there, don't ya think its to early to decided that, I mean heck its only been 2 months. In retro spec maybe yes, they might be right to some degree, but here's the thing I've never been much of a hobbyist. I think if you do something their should be a purpose in mind, an end goal, I find this keeps me motivated to get trucking on. I tend to lose interest in things, and I just don't want to do them if I don't have that. I practices this belief in everything from work, exercise, general leisure activities to hobbies to parties and hanging out with friends and even movies/tv and books. Sometimes the purpose of why I do things only makes sense to me, but I'm very good and finding reason why or why I shouldn't do things lol.   Its so funny Tim will always ask me to go for walk, and I always ask "why". I hate walking aimlessly around, just for the sake of a walk. I do love walking for site seeing or walking to a destination, or hiking to get somewhere and see something, or to explore. But to just walk around the neighbourhood for now reason makes me cringe.... I just don't see the point... and I can usually think of thousand other things Id rather be doing lol. Maybe I'm mad, but I think time is precious and I like to make the most of it lol and I'm also very impatient and result based so if I don't see results  then I don't want to do something...lol and that I'm trying to work on. You don't have to always be good at something to have fun or to keep doing it, but I'm just very very competitive and extremely critical so if I suck ... Ill go over every little  detail and analyze my performance and try to figure out how to be better.. its tends to be a bit overwhelming for the people around me lol, but like I said I'm working on it!.

I'm getting off topic here, the point is, if I just maintain the blog as a hobby there's a chance it might not grow and get better, and I just don't see the point in that. I always want to get better to give 1110%. SO I've been think about how I can be better and how the blog can be better, and its actually my father that gave me some good critizisim  and advise,  and I think he's right! So thanks dad for your honest opinion it meant a lot and I will definitely be implementing what you said in to the blog ! 


Photos: By: Tim White

Jacket: Shein, Shoes: Zara, Jeans: Levi's

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