Hey guys, hope you all a had a great Wednesday! It was another wet one here in Van City... big surprise lol. I guess it could be worse, it could be snowing instead of raining!


Today was spent running arons and working! All in all it was a good day! I decided to take a day off from obsessing over the wedding, well I guess its just the wedding dress that I'm currently obsessing over. I thought it would be good to just take a day off from wedding planning, clear my mind and reset and then tomorrow Ill have a fresh pair of eyes to make rational decisions regarding the I tend to be quite critical and overthink things. I find the best way to combat my neurotic tendencies is to just put aside what ever it is I'm obsessing/stressing over, go to bed and in the morning or even sometimes in a few hours Ill know what to do!

Due to the rain I kept it quite simple today, a pair of jeans, sweater and a warm coat! As I was  getting out the jeep today to grab coffee, I ripped my jeans... not happy! So you'll see a very large rip on my right upper thigh. Note to self; don't by expensive jeans with distressing on upper

One of the reasons I like this coat, is that its a bit different from whats currently "trendy" and its a bit different for me. I don't usually do light colours, I prefer blacks and greys with a splash of color. I thought Id step outside of my comfort zone and pick up this coat, I'm currently obsessed with it! I'm also kinda scared of getting it dirty... I'm a bit of a mess or at least I can be

Photos By: Tim White

Jackett: Zara, Jeans: GRLFRND, Shoes: Zara, Sweater: Forever 21 (old), Hat: old (bought in Spain)

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