Today I  spent the day Wedding Dress shopping-  Another failed attempt at trying to find a dress. I'm starting to get the feeling that what I'm looking for doesn't exist or if it does exist its probably very, very expensive, and I'm willing to pay what it cost to by a new car on a Wedding Dress.

On that note I'm seriously considering the idea, that I might have to make my dress.... With only    3.5 months till the wedding I'm running out of options. As it is I don't really even have enough time to order a dress and that's if I find something I like. So if I cant order I have to buy off the rack which is fine, but if it doesn't fit, it means a lot of alterations... which can be quite costly and there's a chance it might not look as good. I'm thinking I'm  going to have to make my wedding dress, or at least seriously visit the Idea of making my Wedding Dress lol

My day tomorrow will be spent visiting the local  fabric stores in Vancouver to see if I can make my dream a reality!


Life is Grand ....

I drive by this  little Farm/Famers Market everyday I leave my house, so I thought why not stop by and visit the animals and take some photos. To be honest I wasn't in the best form  after trying on countless wedding dresses and not liking anything, but I gotta say these little guys lifted my spirts and put a smile on my face! And it stopped raining, which is always a plus ! 

This probably wasn't the best outfit to be  walk around a "Farm" in but I really didn't give a shit, this is what I was wearing so this what they got. Fringe I cant live without FRINGE, I'm a sucker for a fringe shirt/skirt/jacket/sweater you name it I love it, there's just something so fun and unique about "Fringe". Personally I think it gives your outfit that little something extra and we all know I love extra lol

Again this outfit features a "Graphic Tee", this guy is vintage. I found him hiding in the depths of vintage store called the "Black Market" that's located on Queens St, Toronto. This was one of my favorite stores to shop in when I was a very poor student trying to survive in the streets of Toronto! If your ever in the neighbourhood I would defiantly recommend checking it out. I promise, you wont be disappointed!

Photos By: Tim White

Skirt: Zara, T-shirt: Black Market, Shoes: Zara, Jacket: Shein

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