Well I think its safe to say, I made it through Black Friday week... It was super chaotic, a lot of hard work mixed with blood and sweat, layered on with some sore feet and possibly a few tears but hey, we got through it lol!


Its funny I was so exhausted from work I didn't even shop and partake in some of the Black Fridays deals... I honestly couldn't have cared less at the time, but I will say I'm a bit sad that I didn't press confirm on my Zara shopping basket but I guess there's worse things and hey there's always cyber Monday !

Usually I'm the one who cant wait to go shopping and find a good deal but this it was Tim that managed to take advantaged of the Black Fridays sales. He bought a hoover... and not just any hoover its a Dyson...! His first words to me when he brought home was, "Princess if you break this one, I don't know what we're going to do with you ..." lol.  At first I thought maybe Mr was over reacting, but then I started to recount all the hoovers that we've had over the last few years and it dawned on me, I've managed to brake every single one of them... lol. I don't know how I managed it, personally I think its a problem with the hoover and not

I would say about 5 years ago Canada didn't even celebrate Black Friday and now its just as big as Boxing Day up here. I guess are naighbourghs are starting to rube off on us lol.

Hope you all had a wonderful black Friday and those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving had a beautiful time with family and friends!

Phots By: Tim White

Jacket: Vintage, Pants: H&M, T-Shirt: Dollskill, Shoes: Zara

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