"The Puffer"

I just got back from mini break in Kamloops- my home town. We spent the weekend catching up with friends and family and getting some stuff done for the wedding! Which has left me felling more stressed then I initially was heading into the trip..... lol.

This trip was a big wake up call for me, I've been quite naïve about certain time lines in regards to executing crucial steps for the wedding, like... the dress... bridesmaid dresses, um and some back end paper work that needs to be completed  before we can say "I  DO" .... I'm definitely felling the pressure lol !


Tackling the puffer... personally Ive had a hard  time finding one that looks good on me. The reason for this is most puffers tend to be quite structured- which makes me looking like the "Michelin Man"...lol. I was just about to give up on the puffer jacket, when I found this relaxed/oversized fit at Zara,  I was stocked... it actually looked pretty good and it suited my body type!


With the puffer you have a few different looks you can go for, 1 being the traditionally, this  style of puffer I reefer to as the "dog walker" puffer lol its very practical, usually  its sole purpose is warmth- it tends to be quite fitted and short. There's also the "'Lumber Jack" puffer...  lol this something my dad usually wears when working on his bike/quad during the winter. The last style is the fashion puffer, which is my fav!

I think puffers are a very loud statement piece, they tend to be very cool and have an edgy vide to them. I love it wen people capitalize on this and go "balls to the wall" and pick styles with exaggerated silhouettes and crazy colors and patterns! Puffers should be fun, so explore some options and play around with it!                

I've added a few of my fav puffers, just in case you guys wanted to take a look !

Photos By: Tim White

Jacket: Zara, Jeans: Levi's, Sweater: Huf, Shoes: Dollskill, Socks: Dolls Kill, Fanny Pack: Dollskill

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