Lost world

First post ... 

One of my go to looks is always a graphic-tee with...I guess anything. I love a good tee, honestly I think its cause it gives your outfit a unique kind street cool vibe, specially when you pair it with more dressier items like a blazer, trousers, or in my case a suede skirt!  I find the best graphic-tees or slogan tees in second had stores, that's my fave place to buy them, simply cause they have a bit more personality and authenticity to them. How ever the one I'm wearing is from Zara, which is also grand!

Personally I never like to look to put together or to dressed up, I like to try and strive for a more effortless look or like I didn't try ...lol I'm sure some people reading this are saying "ya right" ...- but in my defense everyone has their own idea of what dressed up is lol. I personally feel more like me in a t-shirt or in this case graphic-tee.

desert sage7.jpg

Cant live with out, the denim jacket... its a must

Phots by : Tim White

Denim Jacket: HM, Graphic-Tee: Zara, Suede Skirt: Zara, Boots: New Look


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