Faux Fur

Today is Friday, and its not just any old Friday, today is special! Why is this Friday special? Because its the first day of the week long Halloween celebrations that kicks off tonight and it is also the launch of mine and some may others favorite Netflix series- Stranger Things, season 2! I can definitely say this is going to be a great weekend!

I'm obsessed with all things faux fur, from clothing to accessories to house hold items- I love, love, love  faux fur! Tim Calls this my "cousin it" jacket... its safe to say he is not a fan, cant say I'm not surprised but I don't really care lol!  If you love faux fur as much as me and have incorporated a few items of faux fur accents or full-on faux fur garments into your wardrobe, then you know that they can be kinda be difficult to wear. I say this cause they can add volume to your frame, cause of this I try to balance out the silhouette. I decided to pair the jacket with some very tight, and very low rise dark denim. This allowed me to keep some shape, otherwise I start to look like a line backer... (I kinda have broad shoulders ..lol) If you don't have this issue then you could probably do a looser or wide leg pant or a skirt. I paired the jacket with these jeans cause it gave me the illusion of thinner thighs and longer legs and that's an A++ in my books!

All the items I'm wearing were bought last year... (I've linked similar items below) To be fare I haven't really bought much this year...with the exceptions of a few pairs of shoes. I've been very uninspired by the choices out there. I just feel like everything is the same, everyone looks the same and is trying to be the same... does anyone else feel that way? Maybe I'm just being awkward... or I'm just not looking in the right places lol.

At least this lack of inspiration and motivation to buy from my high street fashion choices has had a positive impact on my bank account...and my closet. Its forcing me to rework my wardrobe and find new ideas for outfits instead of always buying new.  Due to this lull in mylife lol,  I've started branching out, looking into other areas for inspiration and trying to find different designers, brands, artists and bloggers, to help me get my mojo back lol. I've have found a few I like and I'm starting regain my inspiration, maybe Ill do blog post on this, what inspires me who I find inspiring, like what my fav designers and artist are?! 

Photos By: Tim White

Shoes: Zara, Jacket: Zara, Jeans: Zara, T-shirt: Zara


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