The Beret

Hats! I love them but sometimes I feel like a bit of a tit wearing Does anyone else feel this way? I think the trick to wearing a hat is to make sure that the hat suits your personality and your style, that way you don't look like an alien trying to wear something that you really just shouldn't cause its "trendy" I have from time to time fell victim to this! Trends can be tricky.... there's so many of them out there, how do you decide which ones to incorporate into your wardrobe? Well personally I don't like ones that are over done, I like to be a bit unique or different or at least try to The Beaker boy hat is all the rage right now, which I do love and I have a few myself. I just wanted something a little bit different, so I decided to pick up this red beret! 

Not going to lie, this is another trend my fiancé doesn't cant say I'm not surprised! I've just come to terms that some fellas just don't get fashion and that's okay !


 not impressed

not really sure why.. lol

Photos By: Tim White

Jeans: Citizens of Humanity, Jacket: H&M, Body: Zara, Leopard Cami: Zara, Boots: Zara

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