its a late Tuesday morning and the sun finally decided to came out- it looks like it might actually be a nice day! 

I'm just going to say it, I don't really love wearing sweaters. People might think I crazy for saying that, but its true! Don't get me wrong, I love a good sweaters some of my go to outfits involve over sized sweaters. Sometimes I'm conflicted between the pros and cons of the sweater and I find cons to overrule! 

Few of my cons; 1) too bulky, every time I layer on my jacket I cant move my arms and I feel like a robot. 2) I get itchy, whether its wool or synthetic, my skin always gets irritated. 3) They pill and catch lint.....doesn't matter the type of fabric real or synthetic, they all almost always pill and the fabrics tend to be a bit high maintenance. 4) I always over heat specially at work, just like a shit car lol. 5) The large slouchy collars of the sweater tends to knot up and make my hair frizz thus making me look like a girl version of Edward Scissor Hands!  Another large collar problem, is that it rubs my face and neck, leaving me with this beautiful make-up residue on my sweater by the end of the day!

Some people might disagree with my list of cons, or maybe they do agree but they just don't care- they love sweaters so much they wear them regardless! Because I do love the idea of a nice cozy sweater, and I want to love them, I really do! I decided to come up with a solution..... its something so simple....THIN KNITS aka light knit lol, it took 10 years to come to this realization lol. Thin knit sweater solves all my sweater problems, I can layer my fav leather jacket and move my arms, they don't pill.... as much, I don't over heat, and so on. I will still probably always buy and wear those big fluffy sweaters cause they do look good with an outfit and there good for those days that you don't feel like wearing a ton of layers to make an awesome outfit !

Style Tip:

When layering, I like to be careful with the lengths and proportions of each item. if I was wearing a full length wide leg denim instead of cropped style, I would probably look like a big boxy mess. If you don't have a cropped wide leg or a cropped skinny you could always use skinny trouser or just regular skinny jean! Another thing to keep in mind is the length of the sweater or shirt that your wearing, I like it when the item hits above or below the knee, vs mid hip just because it makes my legs look longer and thinner and that way it doesn't draw attention to one of the widest parts of the body !


running away

Photos by: Tim White

Jacket: Zara, Sweater: Oak & Fort, Denim: Forever21, Shoes: Oak & Fort, Backpack: Penny's, Beanie: old

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