Aloha Friday

In case you were wondering Casual Fridays was invented by the Hawaiians, it was originally called Aloha Fridays which was the first day of the Aloha week, a celebration that started back in 1947! Essentially Aloha Friday's allowed employees to wear aloha shirts to work which was originally prohibited. This trend then trickled on over to California and then wide spread throughout North America and other parts of the world. By the 1990's it is was officially called Casual Fridays! Now thanks to the Hawaiians people all over the world get to have a little bit more fun with their clothing choice on Fridays and in Hawaii, Aloha wear is worn as business attire and their Aloha week, is now Aloha Festival, a month long celebration over 6 islands in October! ... or at least that's what Wikipedia says! Its win-win for every one!

Now that we know why casual Friday is called casual Friday, we can get into more serious business like the outfit lol! Depending on the week you had Friday is either a day of celebration or a day of Personally I like to hit a pub and grab a pint after work and fantasise about how I'm going to spend my weekend. When picking my Friday outfit I like to be comfortable nothing to flashy but still fun! These low rise distressed jeans that I paired with a kimono and graphic-tee fits that description, for me it does anyway !

Lets have a great weekend ! 


He says smile

Honestly I've never been a fan of picture taking, probably cause I tend to make this awkward face that ends up looking angry for some reason. I just never opt for the smile option, when a photo is been takin. Tim knows this and has called this look my cunty, so now every time he takes a picture and I'm not smiling he says "your making you cunty face again" which instantly makes me burst into laughter and then 3 seconds later I back to making my cunty


I say Feck offff....

Photos: Tim white

Kimono: Zara, Denim: Forever21, Backpack: Zara, T-shirt: Old

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